Restaurant Q’s specialties from Åland

When hunger comes calling, follow your nose from the beach to the delicious aroma at Restaurant Q. There we serve lunch and dinner prepared with locally grown organic ingredients. Restaurant Q offers unforgettable flavours of Åland with a twist from around the world. After dinner, you can enjoy a cup of your favourite coffee with a homemade pastry.

You can also buy some groceries here.

If you just want to go to the beach, you can leave your car in the parking lot nearby, after the last “Resort Degersand” sign.

Our beach bar : everything you need

Recently completed, our beach bar is located in the middle of the beach and has an impressive view from the terrace. Why not sit down and have a little something? We have refreshing drinks and snacks for children and adults. This is definitely the place to be when you are craving ice cream. 

Inspiring gatherings

When your business needs new strength or inspiration, Degersand is the place to come. Its surrounding environment is perfect for bolstering creativity and encouraging relaxation, whether you are having a meeting or private party. Starting in October, you can book either some or all of the facilities, for example, the restaurant and our wood-heated sauna.

Degersand is also excellent for birthdays, weddings, or other celebrations. We are here to help you organise your unforgettable event.

Tel: + 358 (0)18 38004



Nu är Degersands hemlagade julbord tillbaka. Helgerna 27-28.11, 4-5.12, 11-12.12 och 18-19.12 kl. 16 alla dessa dagar. Grupper över 12 personer kan även boka under övriga dagar från den 29.11 – 17.12.

Pris 49 €/person.  Barn upp till 14 år betalar 2 €/år.

Du kanske vill ha en aktivitet? Spela curling & äta julbord.

Boka på eller på 018-38004.

Varmt välkommen!